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In our online shop you can get original DELL toner. Our selection includes inexpensive products with up to three years warranty. A suitable selection of DELL toners is shown by our search system after entering the printer model.

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The US manufacturer Dell offers a wide range of inkjet or laser printers and first-class multifunctional systems. Depending on the design, the models are suitable for small companies with a low number of print jobs or for companies with high print volumes.

Products are available for professional colour printing as well as high-quality black and white printing. Dell offers business printers with a very low total cost of ownership. The printers are reliable, high quality and economical in use. Due to their high efficiency you save printing costs. For optimal printing results, order matching original Dell toners and printer cartridges from Prindo.

The perfect combination: Dell printers with original Dell toner

Printers from Dell in combination with suitable printer cartridges or a Dell toner offer you optimal printing results. Depending on the model you get black original toner for monochrome devices or matching Dell toner for color laser printers. You order at Prindo the high-quality original Dell toners in the colours:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta

With Dell toners you can print crisp graphics and images with high colour depth and vibrant colours. Depending on your printer model, you can get four individual cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow or one black cartridge in your printer. Most Dell toners have a print capacity of up to 3,000 prints with one toner cartridge. Professional models can print up to 45,000 pages.

Dell offers innovative toners and printer cartridges for optimal prints. They convince with their excellent price-performance ratio. The powerful print systems offer ideal performance in combination with an original Dell toner. You can order matching consumables such as high-quality multifunctional paper from Prindo in the mail order department.

Original Dell toner can only be purchased from a specialist dealer like Prindo. You will receive products that harmonise perfectly with your existing printing system. This ensures the best possible efficiency and smooth printing. By using original Dell toners, the manufacturer's warranty remains intact. The use guarantees a long life of your printer.

Favourable page print prices with a long range

The printer cartridges and Dell toner offer high printing efficiency. On average, you print up to 3,000 pages with one toner cartridge. Professional models like the Dell 7130cdn print up to 45,000 pages with one cartridge. Using Dell toners, you can get the best quality prints. The printer produces high resolution prints. The images are incredibly sharp. In addition, there is clear text. Original Dell toners are suitable for Dell systems. When using them you benefit from the technical support of the manufacturer.

In the Prindo shipping department you can order original Dell toners at a good price-performance ratio. The range of Dell toners is optimally adapted. Some printers like the Dell C1765nfw you use with L-toners for a higher capacity.

When you buy Dell toners you benefit from favourable page printing prices. Order the appropriate size L toner cartridge for the Dell 1355cnw. Print up to 2,000 pages at an affordable 4.5 cent per page price. Print up to 1,400 pages in colour at an average cost of 6.5 cents. The printing efficiency of Dell printers is increased when using longer range cartridges. You reduce your printing costs with the toners.

Laser printers are more efficient compared to inkjet printers. Instead of printer cartridges, the devices have Dell toners. You change them much less often than printer cartridges. The cartridges with a longer range offer a big advantage: You print twice the amount of pages at a lower page printing price.

Advantages of the original Dell toners

  • very high quality
  • long ranges
  • Printer manufacturer's warranty remains intact
  • favourable page printing prices
  • colourfast prints
  • ensure long life of Dell printers
  • high pressure efficiency
  • Dell technical support available
  • L-Toner available

Order cheap at Prindo Original Dell Toner shipping

Order original Dell toner and printer cartridges from Prindo and you will get the best possible quality for your prints in colour or black and white. In our online shop you will find the right products for the most common series. If required, you can order waste toner containers and printer paper at the same time. If you buy products worth more than 59 Euro, you will receive your order free of shipping costs.

To find the right Dell toner, enter the name of your printer model in the search mask of our Prindo online shop. The system will search all available products. With some printers you can benefit from our alternative toners. They are compatible with the original toner cartridges from Dell. Compatible toners for your device offer high quality prints in manufacturer quality at a very reasonable page print price.

Environmental protection at Dell

Dell is one of the manufacturers who pay attention to environmentally friendly production of their products. The company conserves resources in all processes from production to shipping of the items. A sophisticated pollution prevention system is one of the most important cornerstones of the company's environmental policy. Recycling is a key issue for Dell toners and printer cartridges.

Instead of throwing the empty cartridges into the household waste, it is recommended to return them to the manufacturer or Prindo. We offer a free recycling service for this purpose. You produce less waste with an efficient laser printer. Dell used highly efficient, long-lasting toners in the devices. These you replace less often than inkjet printer cartridges. Prindo recycles your empty Dell toners in an environmentally friendly way. We reprocess the toners to bring them back to the market as rebuilt toner.

The construction of a Dell toner cartridge

Dell printers use different toners. Laser printers usually have cartridges with a toner unit that contains the toner powder. The container contains toner particles with a negative charge. When printing, these are transferred to the positive charge of the image drum via the developer unit (magnetic roller) and fixed to the paper. You can choose from compact and separate toner units. Excess toner ends up in the waste toner box.

Alternative Prindo Toner to the Original Dell Toner

Prindo shipping includes compatible Prindo toner for your printer from Dell. The rebuilt toners offer manufacturer quality prints at a reasonable page print price. The original Dell toners have been reconditioned and filled with new toner powder. This does not affect the manufacturer's warranty of your printer. Compatible Dell toners convince with their excellent price-performance ratio. They offer an optimal range with outstanding print quality. If you use an alternative toner from Prindo, you will benefit from excellent prints in colour and black and white. The colours are intense and rich in contrast.

Advantages of compatible toners from Prindo

  • razor-sharp texts
  • tight cover
  • high-contrast images in colour
  • high grade
  • true-color print-outs
  • long range
  • very favourable side print prices
  • brilliant colors

Compatible Prindo toners are up to 44% cheaper than original Prindo products. Compatible toners are high quality and efficient. They achieve optimal printouts in manufacturer quality and save a lot of money.

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