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We have the right original Konica Minolta toner for you and your Konica Minolta printer. Furthermore, we offer you very high-quality and extremely low-priced alternatives for which you will receive a 3-year warranty from us. You just have to choose your Minolta printer and we will show you the right toner for your Konica Minolta printer.

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How do I recognize original Konica Minolta toner?

The original toner for Konica Minolta printers can be easily identified by the hologram security label attached to the product. This label always has a unique serial number. The number can be found at the top of the label. In addition, an original toner for a Konica printer has a micro-numbering above the logo, a QR code, and a bar code located at the bottom of the label.

High quality Konica Minolta toner

Konica is not only known for its first-class Konica Minolta printers and their affordable prices, but also for its high-quality consumables for the Konica printers. This includes of course the toner for the printers. True to the motto, what good is the best printer if the print result is poor? That is why the toners are of excellent quality and ensure that every Konica Minolta printer provides above-average print quality. Excellent is also the long time of performance and this ensures an excellent price-performance ratio.

Konica Minolta toner: compatible or original?

The printer accessories for the Konica Minolta printer promise a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. But of course, when buying toners for the Minolta printer, you also have to think about economy. Therefore, toner for the Konica Minolta printer is not only available as an original product. We at Prindo also offer you alternatives. This way you can enjoy not only an excellent printing result from a Konica Minolta printer but also reduce your expenses. For this purpose we also offer compatible printer cartridges for the Konica printer. You do not have to make any concessions in terms of quality.

How to change and use toner for Konica Minolta printers?

  1. Pull the lever on the outer casing upwards and open the upper cover.
  2. Then open the front cover.
  3. Pull the handle on the printer cartridge forward and remove the used cartridge by pulling it upwards.
  4. Prepare a new print cartridge for Konica Minolta printers.
  5. Remove the adhesive cover from the cartridge.
  6. Carefully insert the new print cartridge for the Konica Minolta printer and push it into the printer.
  7. Press the cartridge down until you hear it click into place.
  8. Then close the front cover.
  9. Then close the top cover.
  10. Press "Cancel" button to reset the Konica Minolta printer.
  11. Your Konica Minolta printer is now ready to print.

Can toner for the Konica Minolta be refilled by myself?

Usually you can refill the toner for the Konica Minolta by yourself when it is empty. But for this you need certain things that have to be procured beforehand, including a high-quality ink. You should be aware of the fact that self-refilling is not very easy in its execution. In addition, you always run a high risk that the toner will not be refilled correctly. This means that damage to your Minolta printer may occur later. Poor print quality may also occur later. Also keep in mind that if the toner is not refilled properly, the manufacturer's warranty will be void.

How do I dispose of Komnica Minolta toner correctly?

Konica is very strongly committed to sustainability and therefore runs some collection and recycling programs. However, these do not run in a blanket manner, but are aimed at specific markets, specific countries, and even legal requirements. In Europe, for example, the EU guidelines for collecting and recycling consumables are strictly adhered to. In addition to this program, Konica is also committed to a B2C system, which provides for the free return of printer cartridges or toner for the Konica Minolta printer, as well as other printer consumables.

Which Konica Minolta toners can be recycled?

You as a customer have the possibility to send all Konica Minolta toners and all printer consumables originating from Konica to the company and have them recycled. However, there are different procedures for taking them back.

How can empty Konica Minolta toners be sent to the company?

If you have the original packaging, you can pack the consumables for your Konica Minolta printer there. You can have the package picked up by General Logistics System Germany. All you have to do is provide the collection address, your contact details and the number of packages to be collected. You do this via an e-mail that you can generate on the Konica website.

If you do not have the original packaging available, you can have Konica send it to you. This is also done via e-mail on the mentioned website, giving the contact details and the number of boxes you wish to have sent.
For privately used Konica Minolta printers, e.g. series of PagePro or Magicolor, there is a separate return program. With this program, you must request a sticker. With this sticker you can return the consumables for your Minolta printer free of charge.