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In our Prindo online shop you will find original toners for your OKI printer. We also have high quality and very affordable alternatives with a three year guarantee. You will receive the new cartridges at lightning speed through our 24-hour express delivery, which is free of charge for you. All you have to do is select your OKI printer and choose the OKI toner that suits you.

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How do I recognise original OKI toner?

Original OKI toner and can be easily distinguished from counterfeit products. You can use the authentication page created by OKI to tell if they are original OKI toners. There are two options available to you.

  1. On the OKI toner you have to search for the hologram. There you have to find the numbers 18 and 81 in a holographic window.
  2. OKI toner has an 8-digit serial number. You can find it on the holographic sticker on the front of each package, along with a 3-digit validation code.

With the validation code and serial number you can verify the authenticity of OKI toners in the online authentication tool.

High quality OKI toners

Compared to other manufacturers, OKI toners can clearly distinguish themselves in some points in terms of quality. The high quality can be seen especially in the fact that every pixel is drawn sharply and very precisely on the paper. The OKI toners are also known to be very extensive and can be used for a very long time. But the OKI toners do not only convince through quality. With us you can also find OKI toners that convince with their low price. You do not have to pay too much with us in any case.






OKI Toner: compatible or original?

The original OKI toners are made by OKI and often they are well paid. We at Prindo offer you a cheap alternative in the form of compatible toners. In any case, they are compatible with all OKI printers and are easily recognized by the device. In addition to the original OKI toners or the compatible toners, we have other high-quality alternatives for you, with which you can profit from a very good price-performance ratio.

Can OKI Toner be filled by yourself?

Basically it is possible that you fill OKI toner yourself. However, this is not always advisable. With the self-filling of OKI toners you can of course achieve maximum savings. But there are also some risks and other disadvantages to consider.

If something goes wrong with the self-filling of OKI toners and the work is not done properly, the manufacturer does not give a functional guarantee and no more warranty. If defects occur, these must be repaired at your own expense. The amount of work involved in self-filling OKI toners should also not be underestimated. Especially for toners that are mainly used for home use, the required material does not always represent a cost saving. A big danger of self-filling of OKI toners is also that ink is splashed, ink leaks and thus stains appear, which can no longer be removed or only with great difficulty. As a conclusion one can say that self-filling is not worthwhile in most cases.

How do I dispose of my OKI toner correctly?

OKI offers free recycling for its OKI toners. With this the company shows that they take responsibility for their products. The company is constantly striving to further improve its environmental friendliness. The company tries to find even better solutions for the return of OKI toners, but also for the hardware. Its sole aim is to avoid overloading the landfill site and to ensure the necessary recycling itself. For this purpose, a consumables return program has been created.

Which OKI toners can be recycled?

You as a customer have the possibility to send all OKI toners and all printer consumables originating from OKI to OKI and have them recycled.

How can empty OKI toners be sent to the company?

The procedure for returning OKI toners is very simple.

  1. After changing the OKI toner they will be put in a bag. This must be sealed.
  2. In the next step the used OKI toner is put into the original carton. A special address label must be stuck on this.
  3. The address label can be generated on the OKI website. There you have to fill out a form. This can be generated as a PDF and printed after finishing the entries.
  4. It is also possible for you to collect several empty OKI toners and send them back.
  5. Glue the address label on the closed box. In addition, there is the completed standard parcel label of the Deutsche Post.
  6. Then take the parcel to the post office and send it unstamped. There are no costs for the recycling return.

What are the alternatives for disposing of OKI toner?

Only original OKI toner can be sent to the company for disposal. Those who do not wish to do so can also dispose of their OKI toner locally. But please do not throw them in the household waste.