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Our Prindo private labels

Prindo knows the market for printer cartridges & toner for more than 20 years. Therefore we have developed for our customers
developed the "Prindo private label". Prindo offers you high quality products at a top price.

The following Prindo own brands are available in our online shop:
Prindo printer cartridges and toner, Prindo universal paper, Prindo photo paper.

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What distinguishes the Prindo private label?

For us, the result is what counts first and foremost. But the way to achieve this must be environmentally friendly and fair - that's exactly what Prindo is. We make sure we treat our suppliers fairly and constantly check their environmental balance sheets.

In terms of the price per litre, printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, so it's worth taking a closer look here. Premium quality with compatible goods is therefore no coincidence, but the result of an uncompromising exchange of all quality-relevant spare parts and the processing of high-quality individual parts and raw materials. The elaborate work steps are carried out under the environmental aspect of resource-saving production.

With our high-quality Prindo printer cartridges & toners you get a trustworthy, environmentally friendly alternative to original products and save an additional 30% to 50% per page printout.

Price savings with compatible Prindo printer cartridges and toners

Compatible Prindo printer cartridges and toner are just as good as the original despite the great price saving. European quality standards and European law also apply to the production of refill, rebuilt and compatible cartridges. Alternative Prindo cartridges also provide a high-quality print result with brilliant colours and they are also up to 50% cheaper.

When buying compatible Prindo cartridges you have no risk: You get 60 days right of return and 5 years warranty. The manufacturer's warranty for your printer remains fully intact.

Just make sure that the partner number of the compatible Prindo cartridges matches the number of the original. Then the alternative Prindo cartridge will definitely fit.

Protect the environment with Prindo Green printer cartridges & toners!

With Prindo Green you are guaranteed to get 100% recycled printer cartridges & toners made from original empty cartridges. The empty cartridges are collected by us after the first use and refilled by our advanced recycling system. This ensures you get the highest quality recycled ink & toner.

By reusing the empty cartridges, we avoid having to produce new cartridges. By purchasing Prindo Green printer cartridges & toners you help to protect the environment and avoid the production of unnecessary plastic waste.

Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toner - the high-quality alternative

With Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toners you get a cost-effective alternative that is just as high quality as the original. Our remanufactured Prindo printer cartridges & toners use only high quality inks and materials. Wear parts are carefully checked and replaced with the imaging components.

Additionally, all Prindo products are tested according to EU standards. Both Prindo Green and Prindo Classic products are tested according to the STMC DIN and DIN 33870 guidelines to ensure a high-quality print image. All Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toners are ready for immediate use and are automatically recognized by your printer.

What is the difference between Prindo Green & Prindo Classic?

  • There is no difference in quality between Prindo Green & Prindo Classic printer cartridges or toners.
  • Our Prindo Green cartridges and toner cartridges are 100% recycled.
  • The fill level indicator is shown on Prindo Green & Classic products. Unfortunately this is not possible with Prindo Basic products.

Prindo product and shipping packaging

Since autumn 2019 we have switched to the new Prindo Flexipacks developed by us, which use even less material and are optimised for resource-saving shipping with mailing bags instead of shipping cartons. We also ship our Prindo products under 5cm height in thin cardboard shipping bags.

Prindo quality standard

Prindo is produced exclusively for us, which gives us influence over the entire production process. In order to guarantee a high-quality print image, the degree of blackness, mileage, ink and toner adhesion, print image and resistance are tested. The compatible printer cartridges are designed to ensure crisp, clean print results, good smudge resistance and best compatibility with the print head and other printer components.

We Go Green - Prindo Green universal paper

Everyone is talking about it - we are doing it! Sustainability is perhaps the most important topic of our time, but it is also a challenge to implement it in online trade. As a result, many people are talking about it, but very few are doing anything about it. We want to act and we are doing it. We have already done a lot for our environment in the past, and will do even more from 2020!
That is why we now have our own Prindo Green universal paper in our range!

Awarded with the Blue Angel!

The "Blue Angel" is the decisive environmental label for recycled paper. When you as a consumer decide to buy Prindo Green universal paper, you are clearly making the most environmentally friendly choice and thus making an important contribution to environmental protection.


Prindo multifunctional paper & photo paper

We have put together more Prindo multifunction paper & photo paper for you. 


Printer paper
Prindo smoke white


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Printer paper
Prindo White


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Photo paper
Prindo White


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