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In our online shop you will find original Lexmark toners and cartridges. Furthermore we offer you high-quality and low-priced alternatives to the Lexmark toners. Furthermore we grant you a warranty of three years on Lexmark toners. Our free 24h express delivery service brings the Lexmark toners to you as fast as possible. All you have to do is select your Lexmark printer and choose the Lexmark toner you want.

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How do I recognize original Lexmark toner?

Lexmark takes great care to protect Lexmark toners and all other products from counterfeiting. Counterfeiters are being combated worldwide, and markets are closely monitored to ensure that when you buy Lexmark toners, you are buying genuine Lexmark products. To ensure that you are buying genuine Lexmark toner, a 7- or 10-digit serial number is printed on the container or package.

You can enter this number on the Lexmark website to verify the authenticity of the product. For all Lexmark toners, this serial number is printed on the outside of the package, on the toner container, and on the packaging film. Lexmark printer cartridges should only be purchased from Lexmark or an authorized dealer.

  1. Pay attention to the packaging, especially if you tamper with the packaging.
  2. Lexmark toners have a 3D security hologram on the packaging. When viewed from above, you will see a red Lexmark logo against a green background. When viewed obliquely, dots with corresponding numbers must be visible. If the hologram is rotated, you will see the two words Lexmark and Genuine.

High quality Lexmark toners

Lexmark takes great care in the manufacture of its Lexmark toners, just as it does with the printers themselves. In order to achieve maximum quality in printing results, Lexmark toners are manufactured in-house. Tests are carried out time and time again to ensure the best quality under strict inspection criteria. Only products that pass these printing tests leave Lexmark.

Lexmark Toner: compatible or original?

You've probably heard of compatible toners. These are toners that are not produced directly by the manufacturer. The compatible Prindo toners for Lexmark printers are in no way inferior in quality to the original Lexmark toners. If you order compatible toners from Prindo, you can save a lot of money. This is mainly due to the fact that there is much less emphasis on expensive packaging material as with original Lexmark toners. We rather focus on the use of very good ink. In addition to the compatible ones, we at Prindo also offer you other alternatives with which you can save costs.

There is also no risk for you when ordering compatible Prindo cartridges. First of all, Prindo gives you a five-year guarantee. Furthermore, we grant you a right of return of 60 days. If you use compatible toners for your Lexmark machine, you will of course retain the full manufacturer's warranty.

Can Lexmark toners be refilled by myself?

Like many other manufacturers, Lexmark toners are self-refilling. Many people believe that they can really save money. But self-refilling is not as simple as it sounds and appears to be in many ways. Technically, it has to be done with the highest precision and without the right tools, it's not possible.

If the self-filling is not carried out properly, it can lead to a very bad printing result. It is also not excluded that the self-filling may lead to later defects on the device and that these must be repaired professionally. This then costs real money, because the manufacturer's warranty expires if Lexmark toners are refilled by themselves.

If you want to save money without taking any risks, then you should consider the alternatives Prindo offers you. One alternative is to switch to compatible Prindo toners for your Lexmark printer. You can get compatible Prindo toners not only for Lexmark printers, but also for many other well-known manufacturers.

How do I dispose of my Lexmark toner correctly?

Lexmark pays special attention to minimizing the impact on the environment. That's why we have the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program, or LCCP for short. Lexmark emphasizes that this program does not make it difficult to act responsibly or to have a negative impact on business performance.

The LCCP program combines powerful logistics and service. Innovative tools are used. These make the process of returning Lexmark toners, which can be used in the recycling process, quite simple. This process is designed by Lexmark to be very modern and efficient. This is also proven by figures about recycling. Since 1998, approximately 28 million kilograms of materials have been recycled in this way. About 90 percent of all Lexmark toners are made from recycled plastic.

Which Lexmark toners can be recycled?

In addition to Lexmark toners, all other Lexmark cartridges are accepted for recycling.

How can I send empty Lexmark toners to the company?

The recycling program is available for mid-sized companies and for large organizations.

Medium-sized companies:
When you participate in the LCCP program, you will automatically receive two pre-prepared and pre-franked containers for shipment by mail. If additional containers are required, they can be requested through the Lexmark website.

  • Remove the empty Lexmark printer cartridges or print cartridges from the machine and place them in the shipping carton.
  • Always store empty toner or cartridges in this shipping carton.
  • When the box is full, glue it well and simply take it to the post office.

Large organizations:
For large organizations, there are different containers available for recycling.

  • Ecobox up to 5 empty toner or cartridges
  • Medium-sized container for up to 10 empty toners or cartridges
  • Large container for up to 15 empty toners or cartridges
  • Extra large container for up to 40 empty toner or cartridges

For the collection you have to send an email to the forwarding agency Kühne & Nagel. This applies to all pick-up packages under 6 kg weight.