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Label printers are standard equipment for logistics, storage and industry. Labels are used in wholesale and retail as well as part of a supply chain. Companies carry information with you. One of the most important functions of label printers is the printing of barcodes.

Partly globally standardized and machine-readable, the coding proves to be an essential part of the data exchange in internal and external logistics processes. High-quality Zebra label printers such as the Zebra TLP 2824 Plus or the Zebra ZD230 are characterized by their functionality and easy handling. Equipped with high-quality ribbons, they produce long-lasting and legible prints. Prindo sells the consumables at a low price.

Label printers and ribbons as a functional unit

The label printer requires a ribbon to print labels in black or color. This is a thermal transfer ribbon that serves as a carrier for the printing ink. It is used in the thermal transfer printing process. A Zebra ribbon ensures that the print image is transferred to the print medium that has been defined in advance and placed in the label printer. The Zebra ribbons are available in different designs. Wax ribbons are recommended for most applications.

They are preferably suitable for:

  • Paper materials
  • fast printing processes up to twelve millimeters per second
  • Environments with little or no chemical contact

Alternatively, you can buy the Zebra ribbon as a wax-resin ribbon, which convinces with chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance. With this you can print labels on coated paper or matt plastic. The third alternative is high quality resin ribbons. The rollers enable impressive print quality.

The advantages include high pressure resistance. The ribbons are recommended for label printing for the following areas of application:

  • outdoors
  • with adverse conditions
  • with high temperatures

Zebra also offers transfer foils that ensure the optimal interplay of label printer and ribbon.

Change the Zebra ribbon quickly and easily

If Zebra label printers use the thermal transfer printing process, a ribbon change is required after a certain time. If the consumables run out, printing stops. In most of the models, a red indicator indicates the used ribbon. To change this, do not turn off the printer. The ribbon change is quick and uncomplicated. The manufacturer offers the easiest operation in the industry when inserting the ribbon. You open the top cover and cut off the used ribbon. This allows you to take out both cores.

Press new rollers into the intended spindle. There is a square recess on the core of the ribbon roll for alignment. It snaps into the supply hub. Then place the empty ribbon core on the take-up spool. Attach the beginning of the ribbon to the take-up core to just wind it up. To tension the transfer ribbon, turn the spool counterclockwise. Change the Zebra ribbon in your label printer, for example replace it with a compatible and inexpensive alternative.