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In our shop, we offer you all original cartridges for your Sharp printer, as well as numerous inexpensive alternatives, which are in no way inferior to the original in quality and high value. You benefit from a warranty of 3 years.

Simply select your Sharp printer and we will show you the matching toner.

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How do you recognize original Sharp toner?

All Sharp toners are shipped in a rectangular cardboard box. Plastic packaging is not used compared to other manufacturers. The colour of the packaging is brown or white. If it is a coloured cartridge, such as magenta, blue or yellow, the packaging is decorated with a yellow stripe on the side so that they can be easily and recognizably distinguished from each other.

In addition to the Sharp logo, the packaging is also printed with the product name, the colour ordered, the printer model with which the toner is compatible and other technical data. In the product description you will find information about other compatible printers.

How do I change a Sharp toner? - A small instruction

If your printer tells you that the toner level is low, or tells you to replace it, you should replace the toner to regain full printing performance. The color to be replaced is displayed.

  1. Open the front cover of the printer. The respective colored cartridges are visibly in front of you.
  2. Gently pull the cartridge to be replaced with both hands in your direction. It should be pulled out horizontally. Avoid pulling it out jerkily. Otherwise the toner may leak out.
  3. Then remove the new toner package from the packaging.
  4. Then shake the cartridge five or six times in a horizontal position.
  5. Afterwards, carefully insert it horizontally into the space provided for the color. You cannot install a cartridge of a different color. The clay must be the same colour.
  6. Now press the cartridge in until it clicks into place.
  7. Close the front cover of the printer again. The device will automatically switch to the image adjustment mode.

Does it make sense to refill my Sharp toner yourself?

It is possible to refill the toner yourself. However, this requires a careful and skilled hand. You should also not ignore the health aspects.

The toner powder can cause damage to your health if handled incorrectly. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you wear respiratory protection or use a suction chamber when refilling the toner. In addition, the toner powder is considered highly flammable when mixed with oxygen. This aspect must also be taken into account when disposing of the toner powder.

Furthermore, the photoconductor drum must not be touched or exposed to sunlight. Otherwise this will result in faulty printing. In addition, if the cartridge is not properly sealed, the toner can get inside the printer and damage it. You risk invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.

You can use it to refill a toner cartridge yourself, but due to the complicated procedure, this is less practical.

How do I dispose of Sharp toners correctly?

If your toner is almost empty and your printer requires a new cartridge, do not throw the empty toner in the residual waste. The cartridges count as electronic waste. In addition, you can also pollute the environment due to remaining fine dust.

Instead, you can return empty toner cartridges to many electronics stores or to a materials yard. Alternatively, Sharp offers you a disposal service. You can return the empty Sharp toners and Sharp waste toner containers to the company. However, you, as the sender, are responsible for the costs incurred.

However, the offer to take back only applies to cartridges and containers for the German market, as well as to original materials. Otherwise, the costs for disposal and a handling fee may be charged to the sender. In addition, acceptance will be refused in the case of carriage forward deliveries.

What is the best way to return my empty toner?

For all private customers, as well as commercial users with low consumption, Sharp offers a return service for empty Sharp toners and waste toner containers. Only original Sharp brand toners are included.

The address to which you can send the toners can be found on the Sharp website. When returning the toner, make sure that the envelope in which the toner is transported is securely closed.

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