Canon Photo Printer - Premium quality photo printer

The manufacturer of printing devices Canon covers with its fleet of photo printers a wide range of applications for different needs. From home users to home-office equipment to high-end professional equipment, Canon offers photo printers that are as reliable in their quality as they are equipped with printer accessories designed specifically for each device. Canon offers equipment for high quality photo printing in the categories:

  • Document and photo printers
  • Compact photo printers and
  • Professional photo printer

The Canon photo printer for the home office and for small offices

With the PIXMA Canon photo printers, the manufacturer offers next to photo multifunction systems with WLAN, with powerful multifunction systems for high-quality photo printing and table-topped printers for fast printing, models with advanced control units in the form of touch screens, with additional scanning and copying capabilities, cloud connectivity and much more more. In addition to the numerous PIXMA models, the manufacturer offers compact and reliable series, such as the

  • PIXMA iP7250 for fast lab-quality photo printing with five separate ink tanks (click here for the review of the Canon IP7250)
  • PIXMA iP2850, the affordable and high quality printer

For private use, the manufacturer offers compact and reliable series, such as the

  • PIXMA MG7700 Series (PIXMA MG7750)
  • PIXMA MG5700 Series (PIXMA MG 5750)
  • PIXMA TS505 models or the
  • PIXMA MG3050 Series

The different models and series differ in very specific properties, which specifically address the individual requirements of their users in a special way. Some models offer optimized print performance in conjunction with specially designed printer supplies, while the PIXMA MG6800 series printers use 5 separate inks.

From the mobile device, the PIXMA MG 5700 series can be operated, while the PIXMA MG 4250 model offers automatic duplex printing and the PIXMA MG3050 Series features cloud connectivity. Easy to use for everyone, the model PIXMA MG2550 and particularly economical by the use of cost-saving XL inks works the model PIXMA MG2450.

Quality like from the photo lab - PIXMA Canon photo printer

All PIXMA devices have in common the high quality with which they print high-resolution image files in professional photo quality, which equals the level of the photo lab. PIXMA Canon photo printers print their high quality on the basis of their specially developed printing technology, which unfolds its full potential in conjunction with the printing accessories set on them, such as Canon ink cartridges and Canon printer paper. Decisive components for ensuring the high quality standard of Canon photo printers are

  • the FINE technology
  • the hybrid ink system
  • the photo inks
  • the high printing speed
  • the photo paper

FINE technology for PIXMA Canon photo printer

At the heart of the Canon PIXMA fleet of photo printers is the Canon FINE printing technology, which not only ensures high-quality print output with brilliant and intense colors, high contrast and uniform color distribution, but also high precision in fine detailing high speed during printing guaranteed.

Each ink droplet is pressed through an extremely small volume of PIXMA printer during the printing process by means of particularly closely arranged micro-nozzles in order to achieve an extremely precise placement. This technique not only extends the color spectrum, but also precisely executes high precision in the drawing of fine lines and realistically realizes bright color ranges.

The hybrid ink system for PIXMA Canon photo printers

The Canon Photo Printer Hybrid Ink System guarantees crisp text and vivid colors. Most PIXMA printers use ink cartridges filled with dye-based inks for the inks and pigmented inks for the black as part of the hybrid ink system. Thus, the colorants in the color ink cartridges unfold their intensity and brilliance, while the pigmented black ink cartridges perform their fine lines, text and minimal graphics in exact black drawing.

The photo inks for PIXMA Canon Photo Printer

Be Canon photo inks, like the

  • ChromaLife100
  • ChromaLife100 +

Used in combination with Canon photo papers, they maximize the capabilities of FINE technology in the PIXMA Canon photo printer, resulting in vivid, detailed and realistic photos with high color output stability.

Canon Photo Printer - When It Comes Fast

The speed of printing is often as important during operation in the home office and small office as the quality of the printed output. The FINE technology of the Canon photo printer supports the speed of printing photos and documents. At the same time, the company Canon continuously tests its printers with special printer tests in order to qualify the performance of its devices with regard to speed on the standard of ISO standards.

More than just background - the paper for the PIXMA Canon photo printer

Also, a high-quality printer accessory, such as the Canon photo paper is for the printing results of the Canon photo printer is crucial. Canon offers various photo papers for different applications, such as

  • Gallery Quality Photo Paper - Premium papers for high quality printing in the Glossy, Matte or Luster Finish categories
  • Photo paper for the home - Papers for a quick print with a glossy, satin-matt and matt surface
  • Photo paper for creative projects - glossy papers for presentations or dull papers for greeting cards, calendars and stationery ideas

The Compact - Canon Photo Printer

For laboratory-quality photos with high color stability, the manufacturer offers its SELPHY photo printers. The uncomplicated devices can also be controlled from mobile devices, such as the smartphone or a digital camera. The SELPHY Canon photo printer can be operated wirelessly directly from

  • Android device
  • iOS device
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • camera
  • computer
  • memory card

The SELPHY Canon Photo Printer is also equipped with tools that enable image editing, creative effects and layouts. The three main SELPHY Canon photo printer models are:

  • SELPHY CP1200 - Mobile phone snapshots are easy-to-use as high-quality color photo prints
  • SELPHY CP910 - Lab-quality photo prints with wireless Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and AirPrint. The device is easy to control from your smartphone or digital camera
  • SELPHY CP1000 - Laboratory-quality photo prints for easy mobile printing with four print finishing options and the ability to print passport photos. (Click here for the printer test of the SELPHY CP1000)

Printing projects with inks and paper sets for the SELPHY Canon photo printer

For the SELPHY Canon Photo Printers, the manufacturer provides various sets of inks and papers, which provide the right amount of ink and paper for a certain number of photos in a print project to combine the replacement of the printer accessories in a single step To minimize effort for the handling of the device. The manufacturer offers his SELPHY sets for different editions in several variations of formats, such as

  • RP-108 - 108 prints in standard postcard format
  • KC-18IS - 18 square stickers
  • KC-36IP - 36 Credit Card sized purses

and much more.

The perfect picture - image optimization for the SELPHY Canon photo printer

The SELPHY Canon photo printers are equipped with a sophisticated automatic image optimization, which detects image errors and independently readjusted or corrected. Faces on photos are lightened by the image enhancement program, optimizing colors and removing glitches.

The professionals among the photo printers - PRO Canon photo printer

Among the professional Canon photo printers, the manufacturer counts its A3 and A2 inkjet printers. As the two outstanding models for professional photo printing for commercial use at the quality level of photo studios, the manufacturer makes his professional equipment

  • PIXMA - for printing in A3 format
  • imagePROGRAF PRO1000 - for printing in A2 format.

PIXMA Canon Photo Printer - the A3 professional for professionals

PIXMA Canon photo printers guarantee A3 quality photo quality, using ink systems with 8, 10 or 12 ink cartridges, providing professional photographers with maximum photo quality in the gamut of the color gamut.