Reset the HP Officejet Pro 8500

How to reinitialize the HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer. Not only can your computer crash, but the printer software is not immune to outages and can fail your service. What to do if the printer stops responding, if the control panel displays items that do not match your application commands, if the jam has long been resolved, but is constantly being claimed in your printer's display panel? As with the computer software, the reset of the printer software is sometimes the ultimate means of returning the device to a reliable working mode.

The reset is not a standard recipe

The instructions for resetting the HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer are not included in the manual that the manufacturer gives to his customers for information about operating the printer. HP Customer Service answers the question of why the reset manual is missing in the manual, very clearly on its support website and customer forum.

HP gives the user in the support area in addition to a brief guide to the reset a very helpful basic note on the use of the reset. According to HP's customer service, the reset is not a "panacea" that can be used arbitrarily for any malfunction. As soon as the procedure has been learned, the sequence of the reset is quite simple, which may lead to using the reset as a general solution for operating errors and for every fault without further consideration.

Often the problem is not the hardware or firmware, but has other causes that should be considered and for which a reset can not have a remedial effect. Faults in the printer are very often due to operating errors and can be permanently remedied by simple corrections. Since a running reset is also not conducive to the technical components of the printer, the instructions for a reset by the manufacturer Hewlett Packard issued restrained.

However, if you are dealing with a software problem, a system crash or a communication error between printer and PC software that requires a reset, after a quick search on HP's home page, you will find the instructions for resetting it to one to get required use.

Reset the HP Officejet Pro 8500 with control buttons

For printer models that are equipped with control buttons - ie with haptic buttons to be pressed - the reset is achieved in two different ways.

  • If the printer stops and stops responding, unplug the power cord for at least 30 seconds. Only then do you simultaneously press the # and 3 buttons. The buttons remain pressed until the mains plug is plugged in again. As soon as the printer responds and starts, the keys are released.
  • If the printer still has an enabled control panel but has a problem, then unplug the power cord when it is turned on. Then press the key combination # and 6. The two keys are held down while you plug in the power plug and keep it pressed until the display shows "Semi NVW Reset" or a different indication. If you now release the keys, the printer will start a completely new initialization.

Reset the HP Officejet Pro 8500 with Sensor Control Panel

Printing devices that provide a sensor control panel to select the printer menu provide various ways to perform a reset.

Partial Resest

You can obtain a so-called partial reset via the menu in the input screen. There you activate the term "institution", in order to refer to "Werkinst. restore ". A partial reset will then be performed.

Reset on HP 8500 Pro A models

The HP 8500 Pro A models come with a hidden service menu. To access this hidden menu, click four times on the non-lit back arrow, which is located in the lower left corner of the input field. For some printer models, click on the back arrow only three times. The word "Support Menu" appears on the screen. Right and left of the input field now each have an arrow pointing to the right and to the left.

With each click, an operating option is displayed, such as "Information Menu", "Reset Menu" and many more. Scroll with the right arrow forward until the setting "Reset Menu" appears. To correct, scroll backwards with the left-hand arrow until you reach the Reset setting. Finally, click on the "Reset Menu" display. At this command, the printer returns all settings to factory defaults. With the button "X" in the bottom right of the input field you get back to the normal main menu.

Reset when the HP 8500 Pro is off

For a reset with the HP 8500 Pro printer turned off, press the On / Off button to turn off the printer. Then press the on / off button again and hold your finger on the pressed button for five seconds. The display initially remains black. The sensor buttons above with the term "Home", the middle left arrow and the bottom back arrow are not illuminated. Press once on the extinguished home button, once on the back arrow and again twice on the home button.

The blue screen displays a menu with the terms "MFG - REFLASH - AUDIT - MENU". The Home button and the back arrow on the left are now illuminated in blue, while a blue question mark appears on the top right and a red "X" can be seen on the bottom right. Now you have reached the hidden menu, where you can use the illuminated buttons to navigate. Now press the "X" key and the words "NEXT - PARTIAL RESET - OK - PREV" appear in the blue screen. Pressing the question mark key will enter the "SEMI RESET" menu, while another press of the question mark will bring up the "FULL RESET" menu.

Another press on the illuminated question mark will bring up the "OOB RESET" menu. "SEMI RESET" performs a partial reset while preserving some of the settings entered by the user himself, while "FULL RESET" completely resets the printer software to the factory default factory settings. "OOB RESET" means "Out of Box Reset" and completely clears all user-made settings and all meter readings of the printing system while returning the printer software to the manufacturer's base settings.

Select the desired reset by pressing the corresponding entry. After the reset command, you must continue to click the question mark button until you reach the "PARTIAL RESET" screen over the last click. While browsing through the menu using the question mark button, please do not change any settings as these functions, such as "FORCE USER MODE, NO PRINT MECH" and many others, are not documented and intended for trained HP technicians ,

Now click on the left arrow repeatedly until you reach the main menu with the options "MFG - REFLASH - AUDIT - MENU". Then press the On / Off button on the bottom right of the device to restart the printer. Upon restart, the printer will perform the reset, which will be accompanied by a head cleaning and a self-test and will take some time.