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Buy cheap from Prindo thermal printers from Mitsubishi

Direct thermal printing is a non-contact printing process that works with heat transfer. There are small heating elements in the thermal print head, so that the printer works with few moving parts. It is low-maintenance and practical. The heating elements transfer the heat to the thermal paper, the functional layer of which reacts with the coloring. A Mitsubishi thermal printer is recommended for use at home or in the office. At Prindo you will find inexpensive consumables that match the high-quality device.

Thermal paper and thermal printers - an unbeatable team for the office

Mitsubishi thermal and photo printers impress with their reliable functionality, high quality and fast printing. They print labels and receipts in black and white or in color. In the medical field, thermal printing reproduces important results precisely. This requires high-quality and long-lasting paper. Mitsubishi thermal paper - known under the brand name thermoscript - impresses with its versatility. Bisphenol- or phenol-free, it has different security features. The brand sells rewritable and two-tone paper. Anti-fade thermal paper is also on offer.

In addition to the EKG printout in medicine, it is recommended for:

  • Tickets
  • Lottery tickets
  • Bank statements
  • Train tickets

Thermoscript stands for the largest range of individual and innovative thermal paper worldwide. It shines with several levels of sensitivity. Fast thermal printing creates an excellent print image. In addition to the very good barcode readability, the thermal paper scores thanks to its archivability for up to 25 years.

The excellent processability and the security features integrated in the base paper are just as much advantages as:

  • Protective lines for high durability
  • PEFC certification
  • ISEGA certification for food contact

Mitsubishi thermal paper is available with a basis weight of 46 to 259 grams per square meter. In combination with a high quality thermal printer, durable and razor-sharp print results are achieved. In addition to the high-quality paper, Prindo offers affordable and sustainable alternatives.

Mitsubishi photo printers and thermal printers score with diversity

The fast and powerful Mitsubishi photo printers convince with reliable print results in professional quality. Known models are:

  • CP-M15
  • CP-D707DW
  • CD-K60DW-S

Additional top coats in thermal printing protect the thermal screed from environmental influences and optimize the product properties with regard to:

  • lamination
  • durability
  • Printability

Thermal printing with a Mitsubishi thermal printer comes with a number of advantages. He is:

  • easy to use
  • quiet and fast
  • reliable
  • Can be used under extreme climatic conditions

You do not need any other accessories such as toner or printer cartridges for the printing process. If you are looking for a high quality medical printer, Mitsubishi models are recommended due to their high performance quality. The Mitsubishi CP31W is a well-known model. The scientific video color printer has thermal sublimation technology and a 423 dpi thermal head. This ensures high-quality expression in lively colors. With size S prints, you benefit from an impressive print speed of 16 seconds. When printing in size L, the print time increases slightly to 25 seconds.

Other positive features:

  • high resolution
  • easy operation in dark rooms
  • small and compact construction
  • quick application
  • comfortable operation
  • great reliability with little maintenance
  • easy-to-exchange consumables

If you equip the CP-31W with the high-quality thermal paper, you will receive two to four individual images in multi-print mode. A built-in monitor allows the print status to be tracked.

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