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Order the color printing package for the UP series from Sony from Prindo

In the Prindo online shop you can order color printing packages for various color printers in the UP series. Color Video Printers from Sony are high-quality printers for high-resolution signals in medical imaging devices. Thanks to dye sublimation technology, the prints are long-lasting and durable. Models such as the Sony UPC-21L seal the printed images to protect them from environmental hazards. The colors are adjusted using HSV or RGB color spaces.

Color print package for Sony UPC-21l

The color and color printing package Sony UPC-21l is available as a large color printing package. The original Value Pack from Sony includes color printing paper (200 sheets of print media) in A6 format and 4-color ribbons for 50 prints each. The paper format has a size of 144 x 100 millimeters. The color print package Sony UPC-21l is suitable for the following devices:

  • UP-20
  • UP-D21MD
  • UP-21MD
  • UP-D23MD
  • UP-25MD
  • UP-D25MD

What does the Value Pack offer for the Sony UPC-21l?

The color print package for Sony UPC-21l ensures high-quality, precise photo prints. You get it in the Value Pack with matching ribbons. The printouts are richly saturated. The long lifespan of the products is suitable for archiving medical reports. When printing, the devices always use the same amount of paper and ribbon. This enables precise cost control.

Color print package for Sony UPC-21l and ribbon always change at the same time. Therefore, the purchase of the practical Value Pack offers itself. In addition to the accessories for Sony UPC-21L devices, you can find other products for the Sony UP series in the Prindo online shop.