Canon MG 5150 - Multifunction Device

Finding a printer for home or business is not always easy. The Canon MG 5150 is such a printer that can theoretically make a good impression in both areas. For this, the printer uses a sophisticated inkjet technology and can convince in comparison with extensive paper supplies. But what the Canon MG 5150 printer can do in detail and where the differences lie with other models is shown in the following test.

The appearance of the Canon MG 5150

The Canon company always uses a similar look for printers - whether multifunction printers or simple printers. The Canon MG 5150 printer also falls into this category and has a classic and sleek look. The printer is held in a rounded and rectangular shape. The menu is not located directly on the front of the device, but on the right edge. Here users can open a small display, which according to the manufacturer is a 2.4-inch color display. This corresponds to a diagonal of 6.0 cm. Users can see menu items on the display.

The preview of the images to be printed is also displayed on the screen, making the operation of the Canon MG 5150 printer very easy.
Below the display there are haptic keys, which are responsible for the operation of the functions. A rotatable wheel can be used for fine adjustments in printing, while the remaining buttons are used to initiate the color or gray print.

Typical for Canon printers are the separate paper trays. The printer has a closed paper tray on the front but still has an open paper tray on the back. While just under 150 pages can be loaded on the front, the rear paper feeder also has 150 sheets in A4 format. The amount of leaves, however, varies with the thickness of the paper. A normal copy paper of 80 to 90 g / m² is given here as the standard size.

The printing technology of the Canon MG 5150 in focus

Similar to the successor model Canon MG 5250, the Canon MG 5150 also works with an inkjet technique. The printer is labeled as a classic inkjet printer, but falls into the category of photo printers. It is called a photo printer because the Canon MG 5150 printer uses five ink tanks. Normally, manufacturers only use four tanks for normal printers - so all basic colors are covered. With a fifth tray, the manufacturer ensures that extra black ink is applied to the paper, which in turn improves the contrast of the images.

Especially with photographs that are printed on glossy photo paper, the fifth ink tank is quite affordable.
As already mentioned, the printer is listed as a photo printer. This means that photographs can be printed in high quality. For such a photo, the Canon MG 5150 printer needs almost 39 seconds. Manufacturers specify a photo size of 10 x 15 cm, since such a postcard size is the norm for photos.
In the area of ??normal prints, the printing times are much lower. A normal document in shades of gray prints around 9.7 ISO pages per minute.

Thus, the printer is just below the successor model MG 5250, which convinces with 11 pages per minute. For color printing, the Canon MG 5150 printer achieves 6.1 ISO pages per minute. ISO pages are standard and standardized DIN A4 pages with a thickness of up to 105 g / m². This is the maximum thickness that the printer can handle in the front compartment. Up to 300 g / m² can be reached in the rear slot - but only Canon-certified products can be used here.

The quality of the Canon MG 5150

In terms of print quality, the printer scores with a print resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi. This means an extremely high degree of precision, especially for the printing of photographs. But also normal forms and contracts can be printed even with very small font size and still be recognized.

The precision is also supported by the printing technology. The printer works with 1 picoliter ink drops. This causes color borders can not blur. The larger the drops of ink, the higher the likelihood of streaking on the image - even if they are so small. If you look directly you would notice them.

The special features of the Canon MG 5150

The functions of the Canon MG 5150 are extensive. In addition to printing, the printer can scan documents in duplex and then copy them. Duplex printing means pages written on both sides are recognized and handled without manual intervention.

The scanner works with a resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. He can capture a normal document in less than 17 seconds so that users can work with the scanned document. It is noticeable that the scanner can not only hand over the documents to the printer, but also masters the USB function. This means that a USB stick can be connected to the printer. Then a sheet is scanned in and the result is saved as a normal or protected PDF document directly on the USB stick.

However, if the job is transferred to the copier instead, a print job is set up directly. Almost 20 seconds are needed for the first copy. Subsequently, up to 99 copies are printed within a few seconds.

However, data can not only be printed on a storage medium, but also retrieved from the storage medium. For this memory cards or already mentioned USB sticks can be inserted. The integrated software recognizes printable files. Files can be selected via the color display and then transferred to the printer.

Features of the Canon MG 5150 in detail

  • Print speed of 9.7 ISO pages per minute in grayscale
  • 6.1 ISO pages per minute in full color
  • Printer works with five ink cartridges
  • Print quality of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi
  • Scanner, printer and copier in one device
  • No Wi-Fi connection possible
  • Built-in card reader

Customer segment of the Canon MG 5150

If you look at the features and capabilities of the Canon MG 5150 printer, it can be said that the printer is a cheap alternative to Canon's MG 5250 printer. The printer has no Wi-Fi connection in comparison, which is why a network setup is not possible. However, print jobs can be transferred via USB stick or memory card. The print quality is just as accurate as the quality of the scanner. The disadvantage is only the lower printing speed, which is why the printer is rather intended for the private household. In the office, the speed can be a hindrance at high pressure.