HP Sprocket - mobile photo printer for the little moments in life

We all know and love these moments. Just a few seconds, a hearty laugh, a boisterous mood, a brief moment, a memory for life. Of course, we all have our smartphone handy to pick up these moments, but much nicer is something tangible, tangible. For this reason, the small, mobile and smart HP Sprocket enjoys great popularity. Adjacent to today's smartphone trend, combined with the popular Polaroids, the HPSprocket offers a perfect and modern mix.

Instant camera and printer in one device

Usually, photos can be created with the smartphone or a camera and later edited, printed or printed via an online or on-site service. Most steps are taken with the HP Sprocket, because almost everything happens in one device.

The photo is created as usual via the smartphone, but does not necessarily have to be edited. A small coupling with the tiny printer is enough to access the smartphone photo from there. Immediate, fast and uncomplicated.

Now the photo can be edited, adjusted, cropped and rotated - just as you like it. One click further and the mobile printer prints the small picture, which is additionally provided with a self-adhesive foil.

Numerous applications of the HP Sprocket

In countless situations we can use small instant pictures. Whenever there is a

  • funny
  • company
  • romantic
  • less common
  • or more exciting

Moment results, the smartphone is quickly at hand. A few clicks later and the self-adhesive photos will be printed and can be used without any time delay.

Whether during a party, a romantic date, as a reminder in diaries or calendars - printed and self-adhesive photos of this size can be used in countless variations. Creative. Modern. Timeless. Smart.

A little tip: The regular HP Sprocket serves as a mobile printer for smartphone photos. However, if you are looking for all applications in one device right away, you are well served with the HP Sprocket 2-in-1. This device combines the printer with an instant camera and therefore bypasses the single smartphone step.

Edit and decorate photos with the HP Sprocket

Not only does the HP Sprocket print 5 x 7,6 cm self-adhesive photos, but previous editing speaks for the small, portable printer. In no time, you can select individual photos and personalize them as you wish.

The focus is on creativity, because of

  • Picture Frame
  • texts
  • stickers
  • Filter
  • and emojis are offered all sorts of opportunities.
Dates Description
Size of the printer 7,5 x 11,6 x 2,3 cm
Weight of the printer 172 g
Printing format

2 x 3 Zoll
5 x 7,6 centimeter

Print speed up to 40 seconds
Color print quality 313 x 400 dpi
Cartridges No ink cartridges needed
Self-adhesive Yes
Bluetooth 3.0
User Yes, up to 3
Storage capacity 512 MB
HP Sprocket App Yes, free for iOS on Apple's AppStore and for Android on the Google Play Store
Grope On-off switch
Power adapter Integrated, charging via the included micro USB cable
Power consumption

Standby: 0.9 W
Per paper at 25 degrees: about 15.91 to 34.49 watts

  • Photo Printer HP Sprocket
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Setup Card
  • 10 sheets of self-adhesive photo paper
  • Instructions (regulatory requirements)