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To help you find the right ink & toner for your printer, our device chooser is available. Do you have an inkjet printer or laser printer? In the Device Chooser, first enter the manufacturer, then the series and then the printer. As soon as you have selected your suitable printer, you can decide which products you would like to buy. Both the compatibility plays a role in the choice, as well as the general printing characteristics. As a customer you have the possibility to buy original ink cartridges and toners from HP, Epson, Brother, Canon and many other manufacturers. You can also buy compatible ink cartridges and toners from our own brand Prindo, these are usually quite cheap and are a real alternative.

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The 3 variants of ink cartridges

Those who want or have to buy an ink cartridge for their inkjet printers will first have to make a huge choice. There are different types, so that it is not always easy to choose the suitable printer accessories for one's own model. We would like to introduce the three variants to you in more detail and examine their use.

OEM ink cartridge

This type of cartridge is the original printer cartridge from the manufacturer of the printer. These printer cartridges are of course very well matched to the corresponding printer and therefore represent a first-class printer accessory. A disadvantage is the price, which can be much higher with an original product. The question is whether it is worth the money to you. After all, you profit from a high quality, a low rate of failures and mostly also from a comprehensive guarantee. If, on the other hand, you do not rely on an OEM cartridge, then it is possible that a temporary or even complete failure may occur due to the built-in chip, since original manufacturers do their best to prevent the use of third-party products.

Compatible Ink Cartridge

With this type of cartridge, the name says it all. It is used as an alternative to the original product and is correspondingly compatible with the respective printer. An advantage is the fact that these compatible printer cartridges are usually not limited to individual printers, but can be installed in many devices. Although compatible printer cartridges are advantageous and have a very low price, there are some differences to OEM cartridges in terms of failure rate, range and quality. However, manufacturers like Prindo offer such high-quality products that a compatible cartridge is almost indistinguishable from an original cartridge.

Refill Ink Cartridge

The term "refill" comes from English and means that something can be refilled - in the case of a refill ink cartridge, this cartridge can be refilled. You can imagine why this is advantageous. The environment is spared as the cartridges are recycled via collection systems. Before they are filled, they undergo thorough cleaning before being filled with the new ink. The quality, failure rate and functionality of the ink depends on which ink has been filled into the refill cartridge. Therefore, nothing clear can be recommended in general, as it always depends on the individual case.
The only fact is that the prices of a refill ink cartridge are quite low and the result can be described as very moderate. If, for example, you only need a simple black for private use and do not have many prints, a refill cartridge is well suited and also environmentally friendly. As a customer, we recommend that you choose a German manufacturer who works with a correspondingly high quality standard.


The 2 variants of toner

Also the laser printer needs the suitable printer accessories, which are delivered in the form of toners. Here, too, a distinction is made between different variants, but in this case only between two versions.

Rebuild toner

The term "rebuild" comes from English and describes a reconstruction. If the cartridge of a laser printer is empty, it reaches the manufacturer, where it undergoes thorough cleaning and is then moved into individual parts. In this way, malfunctions and wear can be repaired and individual parts of the toner can be replaced. It is then reassembled, filled with the toner powder and can then be sold again.
This process describes a rebuild toner. Companies that are committed to high quality make every effort to use the same high quality powder as the original manufacturers do. So customers don't necessarily have to reckon with poorer quality and hardly have to accept any losses in terms of resolution, speed and colour fidelity.

Refill toner

As with the refill ink, a refill toner is only refilled, but not (like a rebuild toner) disassembled into its individual parts. This has the advantage that it is faster and the refill toner is cheaper, but a possible wear of the cartridge can not be excluded or detected. Therefore, a refill toner can be expected to have a higher failure rate and also in terms of printouts and quality there are some drawbacks. If you don't have a problem with this compromise, you will do something for the environment and save some money at the same time.

Saving money with third-party manufacturers

Of course, it is possible to purchase ink cartridges and toners from third-party manufacturers. This has the advantage that you can save a lot of money due to the lower price, which is especially important for large print quantities. Depending on the situation, this could result in a loss of quality, which is why the explicit model that you want to use as an alternative to the original manufacturer is always important.


Multipacks & Valuepacks

When a new printer is purchased, it is not only the actual printer equipment that counts, but also the correct colour cartridge. Especially with inkjet printers, ink cartridges are often sold as so-called multipacks or value packs. This is a variant in which several cartridges can be purchased in a combined set. This saves costs compared to single cartridges.