Brother Toner - High quality consumables for high quality printing equipment

Brother toner, best print results with bright colors. The company Brother provides high quality printing equipment for every need. The manufacturer offers sophisticated printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines in monochrome, color laser and inkjet printing technologies.

The devices are suitable for the private sector, as well as small to medium-sized companies up to the professional printing area with extensive editions and the highest quality standards. Brother products are highly praised by relevant consumer testing institutes in numerous printer reviews and stand for reliability at a reasonable price.

The manufacturer knows his device best - including the ingredients for the printer accessories

Brother's print output devices, along with the printer accessories for each model, are designed and engineered to last. The fine mechanics of the printer works on the basis of sophisticated blueprints, which make specific demands on the printer accessories used, such as toner, ink or paper, for each printer model. The finely tuned recipe of each component takes into account the peculiarities of the device as well as the potential of the toner.

Thus, the flowability of the toner powder must be precisely tuned to the mechanics of the device as the melting point of the toner particles must exactly match the speed of the printer's print processing during the dispensing process. If the toner particles are too large, there is a risk that the fine nozzles in the printer become clogged. If the melting point of the toner powder is lower than the temperature of the heating roller of the printer, the toner is liquefied too early and can not be transported by electric charge during the printing process.

One consequence is contamination in the printer with concomitant damage to the mechanical components as well as an incomplete executed and smeared printed image. The bar for alternative toner from Brother is very high and requires a lot of commitment from the third party to adequately replace the original.

The quality perspectives of Brother using the Brother toner

The toner and paper grades of the manufacturer, as well as the printing equipment, are developed primarily for their optimum performance and the exploitation of their potential. If the devices are used with the printer accessories, then Brother promises to keep their 100-year-old documents in print before they fade.

The Brother toner is designed with reliable quality components that guarantee that the first page is printed flawlessly after the toner cartridge is loaded into the printer, not only to ensure high quality, but also to save time, money, energy and resources. The toner developed by Brother along with the printer is applied to the paper in minimized drop size in its molten state. Minimizing the drop volume in the toner results in high precision in the job, a high density of the printed image and thus a high intensity in color reproduction while avoiding tearing or smearing, to produce high resolution images with strong contrasts in brilliant vivid colors and with crisp edges on the image Apply paper.

In the output of texts, the high standard in the sophisticated development of the Brother toner guarantees documents of excellent readability with clearly separated text characters, which are printed with sharp contours, edges and lines without cracking or wiping. The manufacturer Brother uses a new wax technology in the production of its toner, whereby its toner powder is freed of all components from oil. This technology produces a particularly professional matte finish in the printed image of documents printed with the Brother toner.

Brother's Print AirBag - Guarantee of Quality Assurance

In addition to the print-specific quality features that characterize the Brother toner, its use in the manufacturer's printer guarantees optimum interaction with its mechanics and protects the device effectively. For this reason, in addition to its device warranty of three years, Brother also offers its so-called Print Airbag for high print volumes for selected printer models.

With the Print AirBag, the company gives their confidence in the reliability of their own devices in conjunction with the Brother printer accessories, such as the Brother toner, to its customers. With the free Print AirBag, all costs for maintenance and wear parts of the Brother printer are fully covered for up to three years.

Brother toner - put through its paces

Brother Brothers are tested to ISO 11798 and ISO 14001 industrial standards and they are PTS certified by the Paper Technology Foundation. The Organization ISO is the International Organization for Standardization - in English the International Organization for Standardization. The page yield of a toner of the technology color laser printing is determined by the standard ISO 19798 and for the technology monochrome laser printing by the standard ISO 19752.

Page Performance refers to the maximum number of A4-size pages that can be printed at a print density of up to 5% with a single toner cartridge. To determine page performance, numerous series of tests are performed on a toner under well-defined conditions, such as ambient temperature, room humidity, paper grade or pressure coverage, to achieve a reliable average. With the verified page performance, the manufacturer can reliably inform his customers about the performance of his product, so that he can draw a realistic comparison between the toner of different manufacturers.

ISO 14001 specifies parameters for a company's economic activities that measure how well its commitment to environmental improvement is pursued, how different procedures for complying with European legislation are respected, and how transparent and efficient business processes are organized to make corrections , With the certification of the company Brother in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, its products, such as toner, are also confirmed to be environmentally friendly.

The PTS Certification awarded to Brother toner certifies the document authenticity of printed matter printed on Brother machines and Brother printer supplies such as toner. With PTS certification, Brother quality toner, such as color intensity, text image quality, Light fastness and water resistance as well as its resistance to impression and abrasion and against heat and temperature fluctuations.

Brother Earth - here you can dispose of your Brother toner

Brother takes its environmental responsibility seriously and has set up a comprehensive recycling system that will dispose of used printer supplies and waste equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. To dispose of the toner, the used toner cartridge is packed by the customer for recycling in a box and pasted with a return label of the manufacturer. This can be found when buying the device or the toner in the new article box and in case of loss also on the homepage of Brother.

The package marked with the sticker can be placed at any post office and will then be sent to the Brother Recycling Center free of charge for the customer. Developed over many years, the Brother Earth reprocessing system ensures that no waste toner cartridge lands on a waste dump, but is fully reused.

During their reprocessing process, the materials of a spent toner cartridge or printing device are used to make new products. In this way, inter alia, the production of compatible toner cartridges by third party manufacturers are initiated, which produce an alternative to the original toner for the market and offer low. For every parcel that Brother receives in return for recycling, the company also donates an amount to preserve the Peruvian rainforest.

The Brother company - a European success story with an Asian cradle

In Nagoya, Japan, a small repair shop for sewing machines was founded in 1908 and further developed as a construction site for sewing and typewriting machines. The two sons of the founder called her successful growing company Brother. After several decades of expansion, Brother International GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 1962 as well as other European branches, relocated to Frankfurt in 1964 and settled in Bad Vilbel in 1974.

The company has been awarded the Blue Angel, which verifies the special environmental friendliness of Brother's products and therefore also of its toner cartridges. Products bearing the Blue Angel meet particularly stringent requirements with regard to their product development, their functionality and their environmental compatibility. The Blue Angel attaches great importance to the production method, the recyclability, the longevity and the minimized consumption of energy and resources.