Canon printer cartridges

Canon printer cartridges - The optimum ink for every requirement. Highly developed ink cartridges from Canon, specially developed for every application.

Canon printer cartridges - the all-rounders

The printer manufacturer Canon has developed special printer models for various applications, for which he has individually designed and adjusted his printer accessories and especially his Canon printer cartridges. For example, the Maxify brand of printers, which is a flotilla of five business inkjet printers, or the versatile Pixma office printers use different Canon cartridges, which are not only optimally adjusted to the respective devices, but also consider and support the individual application possibilities of the users.

For the Maxify Flotilla, the manufacturer has provided a high-quality pigment ink with high print quality at an affordable price in its Canon printer cartridges with the newly developed Dual Resistant High Density ink, which is referred to as DRHD ink. The Pixma printer models are optimally adjusted for the home office as well as for medium to large companies and use their different dye-based colour inks and pigmented black inks in the so-called Pixma Canon printer cartridges.

Canon printer cartridges in maximum quality

Canon's Maxify series and printer accessories are designed to meet the needs of home offices, small businesses and offices. In the printer test not only the device together with its printer accessories specially developed by Canon convinced, but above all the Canon ink cartridges Maxify by their efficiency, with which they are purposefully adjusted to the requirements of business documents.

When printing images, graphics and text, the Maxify ink in Canon printer cartridges shows high colour intensity and brilliance with excellent precision in the execution of fine details in image, graphics and text. The black in Canon ink cartridges is deeply saturated and contrasts well with the whiteness of the paper. Texts printed with Maxify Canon printer inks are not only highly legible, they also have a dot-perfect application that clearly separates the individual characters and draws the edges without gradients or tears.

The Maxify cartridges give texts pin-sharp definition, while images and graphics offer a wide range of intense colours. In the printer test, Maxify Canon ink cartridges prove their convincing quality through the longevity of the documents printed with them as well as through their resistance to moisture and abrasion. Printer test reports have shown that Maxify Canon ink cartridges are wipe and abrasion resistant immediately after printing and can be edited immediately with highlighters, for example, without losing their print image.

Canon printer cartridges Maxify

In developing its Maxify Canon printer cartridges, the manufacturer relied on the new technology of Dual Resistance High Density ink to provide the ink cartridges for use in offices and in the home office for the output of professional documents with a maximum of technical optimization. The development was aimed at equipping Maxify Canon cartridges with technically optimised features to produce professional colour prints that meet the highest demands while ensuring a high level of productivity.

The Dual Resistance High Density ink used in Maxify Canon printer cartridges is a sophisticated pigment ink that interacts with Canon's FINE technology. In combination, the pigment ink of Maxify Canon printer cartridges and FINE technology provide excellent quality print output with high intensity and brilliance colours output in a wide range of colour tones and productive printing speed.

The result is a print of outstanding quality with colours of maximum saturation and resilient properties, such as resistance to abrasion and moisture, and effective speed in print output. The DRHD technology of pigment inks in Maxify Canon printer cartridges, with their intense saturation in their black and in their colours, ensures high density and uniformity in pigment application and thus a clean text image of excellent legibility, as well as graphics and images of high colour intensity.

DRHD technology not only lays the foundation for long life for documents printed with Maxify Canon printer cartridges. Print products printed with Maxify Canon printer cartridges do not fade and offer a high degree of flexibility for further processing due to their high resistance to abrasion and their safe water resistance, which prevents ink smudging or bleeding.

Canon Maxify cartridges - big on quality, small on consumption and price

With its Canon Maxify ink cartridges, the manufacturer provides its customers with a high-quality printer accessory that not only produces professional documents of outstanding colour quality with strong physical properties, but also takes into account the economy of operating costs for small-scale printing. Maxify Canon printer cartridges offer stable page yield at an attractive price that keeps the cost per page to the customer at a reasonable level.

Not only does the reliability of Maxify Canon printer cartridges, which ensures that the first page is printed correctly after the ink cartridges are inserted into the printer, save printer accessories such as paper and ink as well as energy and labour. Smooth printing of all additional pages until the ink cartridges are consumed also helps to stabilise ancillary printing costs.

Canon also offers its ink cartridges in XL format, in addition to other fill quantities, which achieves a particularly high range and not only significantly increases printing efficiency, but also makes the running costs for printing noticeably more economical. Maxify Canon printer cartridges for various home office printer models enable up to 1,200 black and white pages and up to 900 colour pages to be printed at a very attractive price per page, while Maxify Canon ink cartridges, which are used in printers for small businesses, almost double this output in each case in order to reduce costs even further.

With the new Multi-Packs, in which Canon printer cartridges are offered in addition, according to printer test reports between 15 to 18 percent of printing costs in the consumption of the ink cartridges are again saved. For small businesses in particular, the various Maxify Canon printer cartridges packages make costs very manageable and economical.

Canon printer cartridges Pixma - for high quality photo printing

The Pixma printer fleet of Canon uses the so-called FINE technology, which allows the use of Pixma inks such as ChromaLife 100, ChromaLife100+ or LUCIA pigment inks in Canon printer cartridges. All these Canon printer cartridges achieve their optimum results when used together with Canon photo papers. Colour prints printed with Pixma Canon printer cartridges are impressive for their high intensity and brilliance in colour output of a wide range of colours and for a professional text image with excellent legibility.

Especially images with many bright areas are reproduced lifelike, while the entire colour spectrum of the original image file is precisely reproduced by the Pixma Canon printer cartridges. This means that difficult skin tones are printed realistically, while vibrant colours with intense contrasts are reproduced vividly and faithfully. In text printing, the black pigment ink in the Pixma Canon printer cartridges ensures exceptionally accurate reproduction of clearly contrasting text characters, even when outputting minimal font heights and fonts with fine lines or swings.

Pixma Canon Ink Cartridges - FINE Technology

Canon's advanced FINE technology delivers superior image quality at high print speeds using micro nozzles up to 0.009 millimetres in diameter. The particularly tight arrangement of the micro-nozzles, produced using a special photolithography process, allows the individual ink droplets to be placed very precisely on the paper.

The Pixma inks have a correspondingly small droplet shape, which enables high precision in the application as well as a balanced distribution of colour particles and black pigments, thus ensuring first-class colour prints with vivid colours, excellent colour reproduction of images and razor-sharp text.