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HP B3P06A black / cyan / magenta / yellow

Product information

The Intel Xeon processor 5600 series brings together a number of innovative technologies to deliver intelligent performance:

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
, together with Intel Intelligent Power Technology, delivers performance on demand, letting processors operate above the rated frequency to speed specific workloads and reduce power consumption during low utilization periods.

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
benefits from larger caches and massive memory bandwidth, delivering greater throughput and responsiveness for multi-threaded applications.

Intel® QuickPath Technology
and an integrated memory controller speed traffic between processors and I/O controllers for bandwidthintensive applications, delivering up to 4.4x the bandwidth for technical computing.

The intelligent performance of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series also gives IT fine-grained manual control to adapt to changing priorities or to meet service-level agreements (SLAs). For example, Intel Intelligent Power Technology enables policy-based control that allows processors
to operate at optimal frequency and power. The operating systems can make this determination automatically, or administrators can designate which applications require high-frequency processing and which should be executed at lower frequencies to conserve power.

Automating Energy Efficiency
After decades of IT build-out, server sprawl is escalating system management costs and outstripping available data center space, power and cooling capabilities. In a recent survey, 42 percent of data center owners said they would exceed power capacity within the next
12-24 months, and 39 percent said they would exceed cooling capacity in the same timeframe.5 Energy efficiency is becoming a critical issue in the data center.

Intel Xeon processor 5600 series automatically regulates power consumption to combine industry-leading energy efficiency with intelligent performance that adapts to your workload. With capabilities such as new lower power SKUs and low-voltage memory options that can save up to 10 percent in memory power,6 you can achieve up to 40 percent better performance in a similar power envelope.3 And the wide range of CPU, power, and memory options allows you to align
your performance and energy requirements without having to make a trade-off in either.

In addition, Intel Intelligent Power Technology makes power available for critical workloads while conserving power when there is less demand. Intel Turbo Boost Technology is also available, which allows processors to deliver higher speed execution on demand by using available power
to run at a higher frequency, Intel Xeon processor 5600 series gives you the intelligent performance and flexibility you need to build the data center of the future today.
Other features
360 pc(s)
Ink drop
9 pl / 6 pl
Package dimensions (WxDxH)
173 x 120 x 170 mm
20 pc(s)
4 pc(s)
OEM code
Operational conditions
Storage relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 80 %
Storage temperature (T-T)
-25 - 55 °C
Operating relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 80 %
Operating temperature (T-T)
5 - 40 °C
Weight & dimensions
Package weight
600 g
Package height
170 mm
Package depth
120 mm
Package width
173 mm
410 g
170 mm
120 mm
173 mm
Country of origin
BCP bubble graphic colour
Printing colours
Print technology
HP DesignJet T920 Printer series; HP DesignJet T1500 Printer series; HP DesignJet T930 Printer series; HP DesignJet T1530 Printer series; HP DesignJet T2530 Multifunction Printer series
Compatible products
HP Designjet T1500
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    everything is fine - warranty also fits