Canon Pixma Printer

If you want to buy a Canon Pixma printer, you have the possibility to rely on the popular Canon PIXMA series, which splits into different models. There are home office printers that offer maximum productivity and a high practical value, and home photo printers that are small, chic and easy to use. Canon also offers PRO photo printers. Depending on which Canon Pixma IP model you choose, you may also need a different cartridge. You can read more about the PIXMA printer cartridge on this page.

Different printer types of the Canon PIXMA series

There are three different types of Canon PIXMA series that we would like to introduce to you below.

  • Home office devices: These Canon models are easy to connect to your computer or laptop from anywhere and offer printing, scanning, copying and sometimes faxing. Whatever your home office needs, this range is a truly intelligent business solution. Examples are the PIXMA TR8550, TR7550, iX6850 and MX535.
  • Home photo printers: These Canon Pixma IP printers are above all chic, offer high quality and are suitable for every lifestyle. Whether small and compact or larger than photo and document printers, the smart home solutions appeal to almost every customer. Canon combines style with functionality and divides its home photo printers into three additional sub-categories:
                > Document and Photo Printers
                > Compact photo printers
                > Professional photo printers

  • PRO Photo Printer: The third and final Canon Pixma Printer category is the PRO series of the PIXMA series. It offers the highest level of quality to print images in gallery quality. It starts with the size 10 x 15 cm and ends with the larger A3 format.

iP Series Photo Printer and Inkjet Printer

Canon's Pixma iP models are ideal for both the office and home. They offer exceptional photo quality and can produce both small (10 x 15 cm) and large (A3) prints. Canon currently offers five different iP devices, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail below.

  • Canon PIXMA iP8750: With this Canon Pixma IP model, exceptionally high quality photo prints are possible, which are also offered in A3 format. There are six separate ink tanks available. The connection can be established from anywhere, no matter where you are - from home or alternatively via smartphone, tablet, laptop or WLAN cameras.
  • Canon PIXMA iP7250: Also this printer is very powerful and equipped with five separate ink tanks. The slim design, two integrated paper cassettes, Direct Disc Print and Auto Duplex Print are useful tools for everyday use. Learn more about the Canon Pixma iP7250 Photo Printer Review.

  • Canon PIXMA iP2850: This device is very compact and comes with Canon's FINE technology. The XL inks are inexpensive and still offer high quality printing. It connects via WLAN or USB, making it the perfect desktop printer.

  • Canon PIXMA iP110: This mobile WLAN printer is designed for easy printing on the go. It fits in any laptop bag and receives its print jobs directly from the laptop or mobile device - even from the cloud, the PIXMA IP printer delivers excellent results.

By the way, it's not just Canon's iP series that's recommended. The Pixma MG and Pixma MP series are also among the most popular models on the market and (depending on the model) are equipped with all kinds of functions, e.g. Blue-ray, copier, scanner, USB 2.0, WLAN and more.

Compatible ink cartridges - a sensible alternative?

Compatible products are available for printers like Sand by the Sea. For almost every printer there are numerous offers available - and they are much cheaper than the original. It depends on what is important to you.

First-class quality without ifs and buts? Then you should bet on an original and purchase the ink cartridges from Canon. Alternatively, there are compatible products that are cheaper to buy, but sometimes of a lower quality. For everyday office printing, however, the alternative ink is absolutely usable.

The scope of delivery of the Pixma-IP devices

A printer cartridge is not always included with Canon Pixma and must usually be purchased separately. The standard printer cartridge covers the classic colours of a printer. These are

  • Black (Black / K)
  • Blue (Cyan / C)
  • Yellow (Yellow / Y)
  • Red (Magenta / M)

As there are no original Canon Pixma iP ink cartridges included, you have the free choice whether you want to use an original or a compatible printer cartridge.

Apart from the ink cartridge, a Canon printer requires a little more. However, all additional items are included in the scope of delivery or are generally included in the contents.

  • Your printer
  • one power cord
  • the required software
  • one instruction
  • a warranty card

Depending on the Canon Pixma IP model, a USB cable and an ink brochure may also be supplied.

Our tip: Online Canon printers are usually available immediately and in all versions. You can also directly select the printer cartridges that are right for your device and get the same years warranty as if you were buying from a specialist retailer.

The price-performance ratio is also very good for online purchases, as you often benefit from special offers and receive certain services (e.g. compatible cartridges with matching chip) at a special price. A money-back guarantee can also be part of the offer, depending on the shop.

Which cartridge for which Canon Pixma?

If you want to rely on original products, we offer the following examples of a suitable cartridge for your printer model.

  • Canon PGI-550PGBK: compatible with iP7250 and iP8750 among others
  • Canon PG-512: among others compatible with the iP2700
  • Canon CL-513: compatible with the iP2700 among others
  • Canon CLI-551Y: compatible with the iP7250, iP8750, etc.