Printer cartridges with chip

Already for some years printer cartridges of numerous manufacturers (e.g. the HP printer cartridges) are provided with chips.
It is possible for the manufacturer to supply practical functions. For third party manufacturers the printer cartridges with chip are however not always advantageous, as the exact comparison shows. On this page you will learn everything about the HP printer cartridges and further printer cartridges with chip as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Functions of a Print Cartridge with Chip

When manufacturers integrate chips into their cartridges, these electronic components typically offer a number of ways to integrate practical functions. The printer cartridges with chips are equipped with information, such as

  • Cartridge manufacturer (e.g. HP printer cartridges)
  • Color of the printer cartridge with chip
  • filling level
  • printer type

That's good to know: Due to the printer cartridges with chip, it has become almost impossible nowadays to insert the wrong cartridge into a printer, e.g. in the HP 80 (C4820A) or HP 83 (C4960A). Thanks to the chip, the printer software would automatically recognize that the wrong cartridge was inserted by mistake.

Print Quality

Nowadays almost all printer cartridges are equipped with a chip. This makes sense in order to protect the quality of the manufacturers and to prevent possible third-party cartridges. Also extra features (e.g. the display of the filling level) can be offered with the integrated chip. This also makes the recycling of printer cartridges easier, as the cartridges are only disposed of when they are really empty and report this accordingly.

When it comes to print quality, there is basically no difference between a printer cartridge with or without chip - if it were theoretically the same cartridge. The fact is, however, that brand manufacturers focus primarily on chip products (e.g. the HP printer cartridges), which in turn testifies to a very high print quality as it is:

  • serious
  • experienced
  • and high-quality companies and products.

Worth knowing: For some printer models ink cartridges without chip are still offered. These are optional third-party printer cartridges that do not require a chip and are compatible with the corresponding printers. Or a printer cartridge recycling system was used, in which the used cartridge was refilled with high-quality ink.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the following we offer you a practical overview of all advantages, but also disadvantages, which HP printer cartridges and other printer cartridges with chip from other manufacturers have to offer.


  • contain a lot of information
  • can automatically transmit if a wrong cartridge is inserted
  • offer useful additional features (e.g. level indicator)


  • Third party manufacturers are forced to integrate chips on refill cartridges, thus higher price
  • The use of third-party cartridges can be prevented or restricted.


Thus, if a manufacturer decides to integrate appropriate "editions" into the chip, it is no longer possible to use third-party cartridges or only limited use of certain cartridges.

Easy recycling of printer cartridges

If you choose HP printer cartridges, you can easily recycle them after use. That's
for all original HP printer cartridges equally, no matter whether you

  • a standard cartridge,
  • High range cartridges
  • multipacks
  • or Photo- and OfficeJet-Value-Packages

acquire. You can easily insert HP printer cartridges, expect consistently high printer quality, and thanks to
of the integrated chip when the print cartridge is empty. The HP printer cartridges are then
recycled. This protects the environment and produces significantly less waste.

Note: For HP printer cartridges and also for the printers themselves, e.g. the HP 80 (C4820A) or HP 83 (C4960A),
environmental protection, print quality and cost awareness are clearly in focus. Cheap printer cartridges without a chip should be rejected
often not only have a lower quality, but also may not be easy to recycle.

The pros and cons of chip and no chip printer cartridges

There are many good reasons to rely on an original printer cartridge from HP or another manufacturer. You benefit
excellent printer quality, a good price-performance ratio and other advantages. The price, the
Quality manufacturers like HP demand, but not everyone is willing to pay. This means that the market is around
to third-party cartridge manufacturers is booming.

However, these manufacturers have the problem that the integrated chips in printer cartridges can print with a
alternative cartridge at any time. If you, as a customer, update the firmware of your printer cartridge,
an innovation may be integrated at any time which completely prohibits printing with the third-party cartridge
or restricted. For you as a customer, this means that the printer simply stops printing spontaneously.

You only have the choice to buy an original cartridge for your printer, which is more expensive, but also often
even more qualitative and brilliant print results. In general, most third-party cartridges have no chips.
and can therefore only be used in printers where the insertion of cartridges without chips is permitted or possible.
When you buy a printer, you should check to what extent it is compatible with cartridges without chips.