Printer for Students

Do students need their own printer? The question is justified: After all, in the university area often copy shops close to each other and advertise with fierce prices to the clientele. Granted, using the copy shop for chores and handouts is a reasonable option. But reason is not all that counts!

Printing yourself is freedom

It's like driving a car: public transport is practical, eco-friendly and takes us anywhere in the city. By contrast, one's own car is often hard to justify with rational arguments - and yet it is a piece of independence and self-determination that sometimes can not be dispensed with. Just like your own printer, because it ensures that you can not care less about the opening hours of the copy shops! The good feeling of being able to print his housework at four o'clock at night can not be explained away.

Which printer is suitable for Students?

Now, printers are not just printers, and a student's budget is often not overly lush. In order to be happy with the right device anyway, it is important to clarify some aspects before purchasing: What are the costs for the purchase, how high the follow-up costs? Which functions are really needed? To what extent is the device claimed and to whom should it be accessible?

For Studying: printer or MFP, color or black and white?

Most students choose a printer with additional features such as copying, scanning and faxing. For a good reason: During studies and for bureaucratic issues - for example, divorce and BaföG matters - scans and copies are needed again and again. But for those who prefer printing, they should consider whether it is not just a printer. Because he is then in the purchase a whole lot cheaper!

The question of whether a color printer is really necessary, most students answer yes. After all, many want to be able to print photos or visually enhance presentations. However, if you want to limit yourself consistently to text, you should look around for good black-and-white laser MFPs: they are much cheaper than color laser devices and guarantee a consistently high quality in the text.

The inkjet printer: Cost

Inkjet printers are the most popular printer version and are always cheaper to buy. Very cheap models are even available for less than 50 euros. It can be expensive to save on this later! Because the printer manufacturers usually offset the low prices with more expensive printer accessories. Around 2 to 6 cents are calculated on the average cost per black and white page, with colored pages, it is quickly twice or even three times as much. In order to keep the page prices down, there is a high range of long-range XL inks - or high-quality alternative inks like those of the Prindo own brand.

The inkjet printer: Strengths and Weaknesses

If you only need to use your printer once a month, you will have problems with the inkjet printer. If it is not used for a long time, the ink dries and the print heads become clogged. The flushing often costs a lot of ink, the manual cleaning a lot of tact. The device should run at least once a week!

As far as the tempo is concerned, the inkjet printer has caught up: With the new models, the distance to the laser devices has rapidly shrunk. Even the prejudice that printer inks are not true to the documentary is long outdated. Many manufacturers today offer inks that are also suitable for certificates and all requirements of student forms! Inkjet printers are traditionally leaders in the area of ??color and photo printing, so students in creative fields will be far happier with an inkjet printer than with a laser device.

The laser printer: Costs

A laser printer does not use ink for printing, but cartridges filled with toner powder. It is significantly more expensive to buy, but the follow-up costs are limited: Toners are not cheap, but last a very long time. The page prices are thus usually lower than the inkjet. Here, too, students can save money with high-quality alternative toners. But it is also advisable to count on reputable suppliers like Prindo, who work with recycled original toner cartridges.

The laser printer: Strengths and Weaknesses

The fine toner powder can not dry out - a plus for all students who rather rarely access their device. At the same time, however, such a laser shines through speed and reliability, especially at high print volumes! Its quality in the field of text printouts is unbeaten.

A minus point is the still controversial health burden of toner powder. Students who need to set up the printer in their living room or even in the bedroom should be aware of it.

Which connections, which extras?

Whether touchscreen for easy handling, duplex printing for less paper waste or AirPrint for print jobs via iPhone: The extras often also decide on the individual needs. Especially important are the connections: Can I print via USB stick, does the device offer mobile options? Almost all multifunction printers today are WLAN-capable, which is indispensable especially in shared apartments with several users.

Our Student Hitlist

With these printers, students can print high-quality - and save money in different ways.

  • HP Officejet Pro 6830 eAiO - the classic for those who value the proven. The multifunction printer has proven itself many times in practice. It is reliable, fast, with WLAN, duplex unit, integrated fax and many apps exemplary equipped and for less than 100 ¬ to have. With the ink delivery service Instant Ink, students can save even more!
    Savings potential: Low purchase price, Duplex, HP Instant Ink.

  • Brother MFC-J5320DW - the color expert for art students and photo fans. For about 117 € he shines with great quality in color and photo printing. And brings with it all the connections and functions that students want today!
    Savings potential: Moderate purchase price, duplex.

  • HP PageWide 352dw - the newcomer for advanced printers and technology fans. The entry-level printer of the new HP PageWide technology with a correspondingly rapid printing speed. With around 250 € he is not cheap in the purchase, but saves by low page prices, a favorable energy balance and low maintenance costs.
    Savings potential: Low price per page, duplex, energy efficient.

  • Brother HL L2340DW - the linguist text profiler. A black-and-white laser that delivers outstanding quality in the text area, plus fast printing and a high level of equipment. With the original XL toner TN-2310, the page costs can be significantly reduced again.
    Savings potential: purchase price less than 100 euros, duplex.

  • Canon Pixma MX 925 - the reliable networker for studio flat shares. For about 220 €, the whole WG benefits from a multi-functional model that has been very successful on the market for years. Among other things, the device scores points thanks to intelligently integrated network functions that allow printing, copying, scanning and faxing from various devices - whether mobile, via computer or in the cloud.
    Savings potential: Duplex, cheaper page prices through XL and XXL inks.