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In our online shop you can get original Riso printer cartridges and thermal transfer rollers. Our selection includes inexpensive products with up to three years warranty. A suitable selection of Riso thermal transfer rolls will be displayed by our search system after entering the printer model.

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In our online shop you will find the matching thermal transfer rolls and printer cartridges for Riso. You need the thermal transfer roll to produce the foil masters. At Prindo you can purchase thermal transfer rolls for the series Riso EZ and Riso RZ in black. The packages contain two thermal transfer rolls each. Depending on the Riso device, you can choose between the formats A3 and A4.

RISO products

The company RISO deals with high-speed inkjet systems and risographs. The printing systems offer high performance in a compact design. Among the well-known models are the products of the ComColor-FW series of RISO or the risographs of the EZ or RZ series. Inkjet systems have a modular design and achieve high productivity. The cold inkjet printing process is environmentally friendly. The prints are economical, fast and flexible. Colour systems print full colour up to 120 pages per minute.

What is a Risograph?

Risographs (Riso for short) are digital high-speed printers. They are available for formats up to A4, A3 or A2. The Japanese company RISO Kagaku Corporation developed the Risograph in 1986, a stencil printing process that is carried out using the cylinder printing method.
In the 1980s, it was used primarily in government agencies and schools for the fast, inexpensive duplication of documents.

Designers, publishers, illustrators and artists rely on this popular printing technique. The advantages of RISO products are evident in their environmentally friendly application. The devices bring the ink to paper during printing without heat and chemicals. At the same time the costs for consumables are low.

How does Riso work?

In the process, computers send greyscale PDFs with colour separation to the risographs. The scanner reads the document. For printing, Riso lasers in a master foil for all colours. The foils are stretched over a printer drum. This has a fine steel screen.

During printing, the drum rotates and the ink falls through the screen onto the master foil, which was previously processed with the laser. The drum presses the ink onto the paper. The process is similar to screen printing. The colour range of a riso includes up to 20 standard colours. Available colours include red, green, black and special colours such as hunter green, crimson, gold and fluorescent pink. If required, desired colours can be added. The colours are based on rice bran and soybean oil. The master films consist of banana leaf or hemp fibres.

Riso printing allows small print runs of ten copies or more as well as large print runs. The effort required for print setting and master production is low. The ink dries slowly when printing with riso. Therefore use uncoated paper. With the computer you control RISO products directly. Available are single-colour and two-colour printers.

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