Toshiba TB-FC505E waste toner box (6AG00007695)

waste toner box
waste toner box ~56,000 pages


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Product information "Toshiba TB-FC505E Waste-Toner-Box 6AG00007695"

Product description: Toshiba TB-FC505E waste toner container 6AG00007695

How the waste toner box works:

The Toshiba TB-FC505E waste toner box 6AG00007695 is an essential accessory for your printer. It is used to collect and safely dispose of excess toner during the printing process. The efficient operation of this container prevents the toner from being dispersed inside the printer and potentially causing malfunctions or damage.

Benefits of a long-term investment:

This high-quality waste toner box from Toshiba offers you numerous benefits for your long-term investment. Thanks to its precise construction and durability, it ensures reliable operation over a long period of time. You can rest assured that your printer will always work optimally and deliver high-quality printouts.

  • Reliability: The Toshiba TB-FC505E waste toner box ensures that toner is properly collected, increasing the life of your printer.
  • Easy to use: This product is easy to insert into the printer and enables straightforward disposal of waste toner.
  • Sustainability: By using this container, you are actively helping to protect the environment, as the toner is disposed of properly and no harmful substances are released.
  • Ensure that your printer always works optimally and delivers high-quality results. With the Toshiba TB-FC505E waste toner container 6AG00007695, you are making a long-term investment in the quality of your printouts and the protection of your printer.