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In a typical laser printer, a negative charge is applied to the aluminum cylindrical image drum to allow for exposure. Upon exposure, a laser beam strikes the surface of the image drum to apply an electrically discharged invisible image.

Already in the 1970s, the pressure equipment manufacturer Epson intensified its development work to improve the printing technology.

Epson is a specialist in the field of image processing technology and offers numerous printers and multifunction devices for home users, for the home office, for offices and businesses up to multinational companies.

Although at first glance it looks like the HP Photosmart is just a photo printer, the bill is deceptive. The term "Photosmart" is just the brand name, since the HP Photosmart is a classic multifunction device.

Founded in the United States in 1991, Lexmark International Inc. provides advanced software and hardware for businesses of all sizes and their printers and multifunction devices in both laser and ink jet printing technology.

The high efficiency of the Kyocera toner is a result of its well-balanced acquisition costs, its reliability and its technology, which guarantees not only high efficiency but also a long service life.

The company Epson Europe BV was founded in Amsterdam in 1990 and belongs to the Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation, which emerged from the 1961 founded company Shinshu Seiki Co.

What they do, how we recognize them and what their consequences are for the market, the environment and consumers.

The manufacturer Canon uses for its color printing on a refined version of the BubbleJet process, in which the nozzles of the printhead are arranged at right angles to the heating elements and which comes very close to the piezo process.

If the toner cartridge is empty, the printer must be loaded with a new cartridge or the cartridge refilled. Toner cartridges are usually very expensive, so it is worth considering whether a new high-quality toner cartridge from the manufacturer of the printing device or a reasonably priced compatible toner cartridge should be purchased.

Do students need their own printer? The question is justified: After all, in the university area often copy shops close to each other and advertise with fierce prices to the clientele. Granted, using the copy shop for chores and handouts is a reasonable option

Labels are needed in many industries, but they are rarely labeled by hand.

Definition: Cheap printer cartridges are ink cartridges which, because of their poor quality ink and poor cleaning before filling, can clog or even damage the nozzles of the printer.

How should toner be stored to be functional and usable anytime? This is a question that many users like to buy in order to have a new cartridge at hand whenever they need it.

The most important printing techniques at a glance. Do you know exactly what we are talking about when the term "offset" comes up? Or how our banknotes are printed?

The waste ink tank - temporary storage for your ink waste The bottom part of the printer Canon Pixma is fully covered with sponges and forms the so-called waste ink tank.

What identifies current models of HP Business printers and what makes them different. With the HP OfficeJet series, HP made the inkjet printer a serious printer for business and office environments for the first time.

Finding a printer for home or business is not always easy. The Canon MG 5150 is such a printer that can theoretically make a good impression in both areas. For this, the printer uses a sophisticated inkjet technology and can convince in comparison with extensive paper supplies.

Do you actually know what the term dpi means? Can you say exactly what a high dpi number means for a printer, and what that has to do with the distance between you and a booklet?

The toner runs out? Do not panic: spilled toner powder can be quickly and thoroughly disposed of if you use caution and follow a few basic rules.

The Canon Pixma MX 925 proves to be a classic all-in-one printer, which should make a good impression in the office. With a total of 5 ink tanks, it is not only suitable for photographs, but can also handle high print volumes, as XL or XXL ink cartridges can be retrofitted at any time.

If you want to buy a printer, you can basically differentiate between a number of different printer inks. Whether the printer ink comes from the original or third-party vendor, all printer inks must match in one point.